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What we offer

What we offer that others don’t or can’t?

Rafting Center on Hwy 22We offer our rafting centre located in the town of Sundre. Hwy #22 (The Cowboy Trail) goes right past our front door.

We offer a variety of launch locations. We don’t use just one site to launch our rafting trips from. We pick different points on the river throughout the season to miss long, quiet sections of the river. We want you to get the best ride!

We charge $10 for a wetsuit rental. Why? We wash our wetsuits using detergent and a sanitizer. In Sundre we have access to town water and waste handling facilities. The used water is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. If our location was anywhere else, we could only swish the dirty wetsuits in the river!! Or wash the suits in a barrel and dump the chemicals on the ground.

We offer a hot riverside lunch with our full day rafting trip. Our grocery store is close by so we have daily access to fresh baking, food products and produce. You can count on a good, fresh nutritious meal.

The weather in Sundre is always warmer than in the mountains, usually by about 5 degrees Celsius. This gives you a warmer start and finish to your day.

We offer the most efficient shuttle. We drive west to the launch site near the base of the Rockies – we pick you up in the foothills at the end of the day and drive you back to Sundre. There is no need to repeat driving on any section of the road for your shuttle arrangements thereby increasing your travel times.

Some have commented that our trip has a longer bus ride. It is a bit longer, but not by much. Many people catch a refreshing 15-minute nap on the shuttle back to Sundre. As well as being efficient, you don’t have to drive your vehicle on gravel roads. Hazards include plenty of wildlife, Oilfield vehicles, logging trucks and road maintenance equipment creating clouds of dust.

Sundre is a popular tourist destination in the summer and offers many amenities. Don’t want to drive home after a day on the river? There are many campgrounds, motels, hotels and B&B’s in the area where you can stay in comfort. There are many restaurants and places to hang out for a pleasant evening before retiring. Stay an extra day and explore the local museum or enjoy a day golfing on the several courses nearby.

Otter Rafting offers an outstanding day of adventure that you will remember. For many it’s the “best day of the summer”

Here are some reviews from previous year’s guests that were taken from Otter Rafting’s Facebook Page.

BH Green reviewed Otter Rafting Adventures — 5 star
July 24, 2015
Great adventure can’t wait to do this again. I will be back

T Bayko reviewed Otter Rafting Adventures — 5 star
August 7, 2014
Such a good time!! Great crew.

K Matthew-Galipeau reviewed Otter Rafting Adventures — 5 star
August 2, 2015
This has been there greatest adventure ever!! I will be back and bringing more friends!!!