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What to Bring

What to bring for planning and packing for an Alberta white water rafting trip? Weather conditions vary and may change rapidly with little warning. We suggest a variety of clothing that allows you to dress in layers making your trip more comfortable. Expect warm sunny days with the possible late afternoon shower.

Book Now for White Water RaftingYou Need to Bring the Following to Wear on the River

People always ask what to bring. Keep in mind that the river temperature averages about 4 degrees Celsius all summer. It is glacial run-off and therefore cold. The necessary river attire is worn in layers. Be sure to bring the following.

  • Bathing suit
  • T-shirt (preferably not cotton)
  • Long-sleeve fleece or sweatshirt
  • Running shoes
CoolDressing in layers
  1. Bathing suit
  2. Wetsuit and neoprene socks
  3. T-shirt
  4. Fleece
  5. Paddling jacket
  6. Running shoes

You stay warmer by layering, even if those layers are wet. If you find you are too warm while rafting, you can always take off some layers or jump in and cool off!!