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Rafting Reviews for Otter Rafting from 2016

Otter Rafting Reviews that were found on the web from 2016.

At Otter Rafting Adventures, we are looking forward to the new year rafting on the Red Deer River. It is very cold out now and the river isn’t flowing. Still, we are all thinking about the warm, sunny days of summer that are yet to come. Therefore, plan ahead and think about the fun we can have.

I did some research on rafting reviews of this last year. This was for the Red Deer River and also the town of Sundre, particularly with Otter Rafting in mind. Here are reviews that we found posted in the media. Finally, check them out to see what services Otter Rafting offers for a rafting experience. Also, there is information on what to do should you want to make it a multi-day visit to Sundre. There are 13 of them!

We also got a boost from Lonely Planet, directing to the Globe Guide article.

Be sure and fill your year with experiences. It’s very important that you make time to have FUN. They are the memories you won’t forget.

Also, have a Happy New Year.


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