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Earth Day 2016 – Celebrate the Day

Earth day was first celebrated in 1970. As of today, this day is celebrated in 192 countries around the world and is coordinated by the Earth Day Network. The date marks a time to promote environmental protection and sustainability. Earth Day 2016 will take place Friday, April 22.

Earth Day is celebrated in the northern hemisphere in spring and in the southern hemisphere in autumn. The United Nations started celebrating it in the spring equinox of 1971.

On Earth Day 2016 political leaders from around the world will gather in New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

At the same time, the global network of Earth Day organizations are kicking off an ambitious campaign to plant 7.8 billion trees, one for every person on the planet, by 2020.

Canada’s contribution to this worldwide goal is 35 million trees. One tree per person in Canada.
25,000 trees are to be planted for Earth Day & Every Day, leading to 35 million trees by 2020.

Plant a tree. Trees improve the environment, provide shade and shelter, purify the air and sustain traditional livelihoods and cultures. Assists in river water control and provides support for wildlife.

Trees allow Farmers to use them to tie down steep hillsides, stabilise unsteady stream banks and screen off cultivated fields from harmful winds. Trees are nature’s most efficient weapons of soil defence. They slow the movement of water through the ground thereby retaining it to promote growth. This decreases the chances of sudden high water flows. It’s nice to have a rafting season that lasts all summer.

There is little doubt that human activity interferes with the earth’s climate systems. An Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which met in Yokohama, Japan two year’s ago, issued a report stating that change have already begun. Affects are being felt in crop yields and was driving recent killer heat-waves and droughts, disastrous floods, and weather extremes.

“Unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy,” said Secretary of State John Kerry. “No single country causes climate change, and no one country can stop it. But we need to match the urgency of our response with the scale of the science.”

We’ve kind of forgotten how we fit into the world in which we live. April 22, is a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for protecting health and the environment.

Pledge new tree plantings across the Canadian wilderness on between April 1 – 25. There are great incentives to participate, and together our collective actions can grow a beautiful new forest to celebrate the earth and Earth Day Canada’s 25th anniversary!

Up The Valley

A view of the front range of the Rockies

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  • Aims on April 24, 2016

    It’s amazing what we have done to this planet in the last 100 years or so.

    We are supposed to be the custodians of it and we’ve used it as a trash bin.


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