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Best time to go rafting

We are always asked when is the best time to go rafting?

There is an easy answer. For the best time to go rafting you have to decide. Do I want the best weather and comfort or the wildest water conditions.

I have always thought the best time to go rafting was in July. You catch the tail end of the high water from June and the temperatures of full summer have moved in. And there is nothing better than to jump in the river to cool off. It is so refreshing.

It is a good feeling to have the river suddenly all around you and tug you downstream with it. Your life jacket brings you up to the surface and orientates you so that you float with your face up out of the water. That’s how white water life jackets are designed. The floater behind your head gives your head extra lift with it’s extra floatation.

It feels good to bob along with the current.

Some people think the best time to go rafting is to catch the wilder water that comes earlier in the season. For the Red Deer River, the highest river levels are around June 10th on average. Be ready for cold freshly melted snow and cooler air temperatures. But you can dress for it and get the ride of your life.

This date can change with an early or late spring as well as snow pack and rainfall. The river is generally composed of 50% snow melt and 50% rainfall. After a heavy rain the river always surges up. Sometimes the rise happens within hours to give a very exciting, unexpected ride. This can happen at any time during the summer. And the water temperature comes up – a bonus!

The best time to go rafting is also governed by how much you weight. In June, because of the wilder river conditions we take paddlers that weight more than 90 lbs. For July and August with the lighter stream flows the least weight is 50 lbs. For some, the best time to go rafting is when everyone in the family can go. July and August it then is.

When is the best time to go rafting? Every chance you get.


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